by blackwomeninbusiness

Blogging has been a great experience. The closest I had ever been to blogging was writing in my journal (and I guess, Facebook). I intentionally chose this topic because it is very personal to me. My goal was to expose the reality that their are little black women who are  successful in the business field. I accomplished my goal and came across interesting research and facts. I think I did a good job of not dwelling on the fact that we are the obvious minority.

One struggle that I came across was incorporating both aspects of my blog (black women & business) into each post. At first, that was my intention. Throughout each week, I found it hard to do so and eventually found it more interesting to incorporate either or on some posts. At the end, I tried to bring the two together. I would also like to apologize for my late posts. That was an aspect I also struggled with. However, I did manage to get most of them up at a reasonable time.

Alltogether, this assignment showed me another aspect of writing. It incorporated opinion and research. I enjoyed sharing a subject that was so personal to me. It has encouraged me to do more research about the inequalities in our world today. Despite the tough road ahead, I am excited to be a Black businesswoman.