Women in Sports

by blackwomeninbusiness


Serena Williams  

I personally would like a career in the sports business. This is a hard field to break in to regardless of your sex and race. Adding these circumstances makes it even harder to have a career in sports. I found some organizations that help promote and empower women in these fields.

The Black Women in Sport Foundation was started in 1992 by four women:  Tina Sloan Green, Alpha Alexander, Nikki Franke, and Linda Greene. They started this non-profit orginization to increase the inovlement of Black women in all aspects of sports. Although women are progressing in sports, some young women still lack support necessary for them to reach their full potential. The organization’s goal is to provide these young women with skills through sports, workshops, and mentoring needed to pursue their personal and career goals (1).

The Women Talk Sports was founded by Jane Schonberger, Ann Gaffigan and Megan Hueter in 2009. This organization has a goal of promoting and empowering women athleticism. They are an online network that connects the best blogs about women in sports. The site does a variety of things to reach their goal. They provide awareness, highlight achievement, and provide sports coverage (2).

The Women Sports Foundation was started by tennis legend Billie Jean King in 1947 (yes, way back then). It was started to advance the lives of women and girls through sports. They make a difference by providing scholarships, funding research and campaigns, organizing programs, and advocating. This seems to be the most well known out of the three. They have national sponsors including Gatorade and ESPN. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees includes famous female athletes such as Laila Ali (3).

I bet you never knew organizations like this existed. Neither had I. I think it’s great that other women are helping young women like me to achieve their goals. I definitely want to get involved.

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