Fly Female Entrepreneurs

by blackwomeninbusiness


Let’s not forget about the entrepreneurs. There is a blog dedicated entitled “In Her Shoes: Where the Fly Female Entrepreneurs Shines” that was created by Renae Bluitt to encourage women to stay true to their dreams. Her blog is geared towards black women entrepreneurs.

Bluitt did a post on a “Fly Female Entrepreneur” Chef Danielle Saunders. Chef Saunders is a celebrity chef and was the first black woman to win the Food Network TV Show “Chopped.” Later she became the first woman to win “Chopped Champions.” In the post, Bluitt interviews Chef Saunders about her culinary career. She explains that she used “humble confidence” to win both competitions. She states that the biggest lesson she learned from her experience was “that you really can do anything once you set a goal, focus on it and believe it happen.” This is a typical line, but means more when you admire or are inspired by an individual. Chef Saunders put hard work into achieving her goals and it has clearly paid off.

“In Her Shoes” blog highlights black women entrepreneurs in all industries. I highly respect what they are doing and I am sure other young women, young black women in particular, can look up to women mentioned in this blog. I think we need more of them!