We Have to Start Somewhere

by blackwomeninbusiness

It’s pretty obvious that men and women are unequal. My question to the feminism movement and to other movements is what do we do now? In Jessica Valenti’s book Full Frontal Feminism i’m sure we all wondered when she was going to give potential solutions and ways we could help the feminist movement. I came across a website from the “Feminist Majority Foundation” and found the article “A Feminist Agenda for Women in Business.” The article names six solutions that are based on a plan that 20,000 wome who attended the National’s Women Conference came up with.

The solutions include equality, economic justice, affirmative action, employee benefits, work environment, and corporate responsible. Equality would be to eliminate all forms of discrimination in the workplace. This is what it’s all about. Everything seems to branch off equality. Thats what the feminist movement is all about for heavens sake! The article suggests adding a Equal Rights Amendment for women. Economic justice would include reducing the pay gap between men and women, achieving equality to older women regarding social security (yes, even old women deal with this crap), and developing jobs for women in non-traditional fields. In other words, we just want to make the same amount of money as men for the same jobs. The next is affirmative action. I feel like affirmative action has a negative connotation which is why I am honestly still fuzzy about it. The article suggests there be a comprehensive plan to increase the percentage of women and minorities in the workplace. One suggestion that I also like was educating managers on sexism and racism and how to deal with these problems in the workplace. Employee benefits! This is one of the more popular topics. This includes medical insurance including reproductive, a sufficient and affordable childcare system, and paid prenancy leave. I feel like this one is totally doable by companies, but they just refuse. The next is devoloping “a workplace conducive to the growth of women and men.” This also includes prohibiting clubs that discriminate based on gender or race such as an all male business club. The last one mentioned is the ability for women to climb the corporate ladder. Allowing them to contribute to diverse aspects of the company.

I chose this article to reference because I think it is a great starting point to furthering the feminist agenda. The solutions can definitely get more complicated and I also know there are more solutions, but we have to start somewhere. I also chose to focus more on women in general on this post because I feel that once women are accepted in the workplace, black women will too.