Double Minority

by blackwomeninbusiness

My blog is actually right down the middle of two of my classmates blogs. One is titled “black is the new black” by Reanna Comstock and the other is titled “Blogging About Businesswomen” by Megan Copeland. Both relate to the focus of my blog.

In Reanna’s first post, “Herstory,” she explains the hardships that Black women have faced and according to her have conquered. She believes that Black women  “got a double whammy when it comes to the cards they were dealt.” The first, of course, for being Black in America and the second for being a woman in America. Both are minorities which make us as Black women a double-minority. Black women are at the bad end of horrible statistics.  According to an article titled “African-American women and where they stand,”  we have the highest death rate for major causes of death, including breast cancer, of any other ethnic group. Even the family structure of our homes are based off the statistic that 40% of Black women have never been married. This is compared to the 16% of white women who have never been married. Im not saying you can’t have a well family without being married, but this does have an affect on the children. Children raised by single and/or unmarried households do not receive the same cultural capital compared to one raised in a married household. There are other statistics in dating, business, etc. that show inequalities.

 I do agree, however, that we are making progress in important areas such as education. In the same article as above, the author points out that  “nearly two-thirds of African-American undergraduates are women.” This is a huge accomplishment to our black male counterparts which in my opinion is not even our enemy. I personally feel more passionate about bring my race up above statistics and stereotypes as a whole. Nonetheless, I love the awareness and empowerment Reanna explains about  us Black women in her first post.

Morgan Copeland focuses her blog on the discrimination of women in the business world. All of Morgan’s points are very valid, especially in her first post entitled “Gender Discrimination.” She explains how unequal men and women are treated in the business community.  We all know the statistic that women make less money than men which reminds me of a lecture I had in Sociology 101. My teacher explained that the main reason for this huge gap is the difference in jobs that we have. Women are usually nurses versus men doctors, managers versus c.e.o.’s, elementary school teachers versus college professors. This is not our fault. Do you really think we dont want the same equal shot as men to be at these top professions? We do. We just haven’t had the same opportunities. One point that I in Morgan’s blog is when states “I have also heard that men over women usually get promotions because bosses feel women cannot handle the stress and are to emotional when it comes to making big decisions.” This is always the stereotype of women; that we are to weak to handle anything. Oh, and lord forbid our “Time of the month” because then we just get too emotional which will affect our work. This is just one of the untrue stereotypes. Women do everything for their households as Morgan also explains. If anything, we are the queens of multitasking and maintaning our stress level. Morgan’s posts give just enough food for thought that I enjoy.

My blog, as you know by now, mixes these two topics together. It shows the inequality and success of the double-minority group, Black women.