Still climbing the ladder UP..

by blackwomeninbusiness


In the article “How Minority-Owned Businesses Can Catch a Break,” the author Amy Choi explains how most minority and women owned business dont realize how many resources they have to help their businesses. These are the same business leaders who, when surveyed, say that they intially dont want to consider themselves a minority business, but rather let their work speak for itself. Resources available to minorites and women owned businesses “aren’t necessarily new, but they’re among the most effective.”

Resources include financing. There are numerous grants and special financing from banks and private investing groups especially for minorities and women. There are also funds that arent necessarily geared towards minorities or women, but who are receptive to the idea. Networking through national chambers such as the National Association of Women Business Owners is also a resource. Local and/or regional groups also have orginaztions for certain ethnic groups. There are commerces that even offer mentoring and business planning for minorities and women. “There are three main certifying agencies for minority and women business owners: the NMSDC, WBENC, and the SBA’s 8(a) program.” These certifications can open up opportunities inlcuding more corporation clients. Resources are not limited to just these.

Now that thats out the way, my question is why does it have to be this way? Why do minorities, including women, almost always need extra services to help them succeed? Part of me says its better than nothing while the other part of me feels as if they are trying to put us in a corner and keep us there. The second is my stronger side. It reminds me of when a girl in high school raised her hand and asked why there was a Black history month and not a white one. Im not going to explain how stupid this comment is. It did spark the fact that, however, that the leaders of corporations think they can deal with the minorities and then continue on with their lives. If they give us “extra” resources then everything is fine. In the article “The Causes of Racial Disparities in Business Performance,” the authors Robert Fairlie and Alicia Robb confirm that white-owned firms have average annual sales of $439,579, compared with only $74,018 for black-owned firms. That is such a vast difference. Until these numbers are equal, the resources mean nothing.